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Fish number puzzle: from my favorite site: Hope it´s still available. if not, please write so I can send it to your mail. (

As teachers, we generally focus on teaching the basics of the English language. Teachers can add academic value to these lessons by integrating mathematical concepts.  By combining language learning with math instruction, teachers can ensure that their pupils develop not just their language, but also their arithmetic skills through their ESL lessons.

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How to Incorporate Math Into Second Language Learning |

What do you see ?book. I created my own "Brown Bear" book, using pictures from magazines. I used some that I found at Maestra Jardinera . It helps teach colors and animal names.

Flashcards: I always make my own and have a big selection. Flashcards will be an effective learning tool for the students with the purpose of memorization.
These can be downloaded here:

I love to play the Bean Bag Toss Game in which the flashcards are layed out on the floor face up. Then assigned students will toss the bean bag and identify the flashcard it lands on.  I even make bean bags related to the theme.

Spatial Concept: Place the big animals on one side of the board and the small ones on the other. The students trace lines from the big animal to the small one.

Paper bag Puppets: I am excited about puppets. These were  easy to make. But your students can enjoy  creating their very own puppets and maybe putting on a puppet show for the parents. They can be used for singing songs in class. Using puppets helps communication and  role playing.

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