Monday, January 9, 2012

Food Theme

1. Like and don´t like: I made these puppets using straws and the templates that came in the book Sprinkles 1, Richmond Publishing. But you can make your own, just by making a happy face for I like, and a sad face for I don´t like.

Use them for asking students if they like or not a specific food item by say yes or no and showing the puppet.

 2.  Food and drinks sort: This is an activity that came in the workbook from the series Sprinkles 2, Richmond Publishing. The students had to color all the food and drinks items, cut them out and sort as food or drink. This can be done using magazine pictures.

 3.  Lacing: I made these out of fun foam, and bought colored shoe laces. The templates can be downloaded from the web.

 I usually print directly on construction paper, cut out all the pieces and hand them out to the students so they can create their own ice cream cone.

5. Graph: get the template at: An excellent teacher did this and loved how she organized it. She placed trhe graph template on the board and two plates on a chair, each student took the favorite cookie out of a tray and match it to the graph template and placed it on the plate on the chair. She then counted which one won.

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  1. Thanks for some great ideas! As a fellow English teacher working abroad I find them useful with my preschool group :)