Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Body Blog

1. BOOK:, has a nice book that can be printed and edited according to your needs for this theme. This is how I edited mine, so I could use less paper for printing them and cutting out expenses. If you want my adaptation, please write:

2. Puzzle: I was following the book: Sprinkles 2, Richmond Publishing. An activity indicated there, was to color the puzzle, cut it out and have the kids put it together again. You can do it using any clip art or make some puzzles of your nown using people cutouts from magazines.

3. Game 1: I made a set of shape beanbags out of felt. This same book came up with a great idea. It also comes with pretty cutouts!!! But you can make your own using magazine cutouts. Here´s my pattern, get it for free

It´s an easy game, just name a body part and have a student come and throw it to that specific body part. You can make more variations of the game.

4. Game 2: here´s another game using the body parts. Instead of making the beanbags, make shapes out of fun foam.

5. Game 3: trace on a big bond paper all the body parts. Then have the students place them as you name each one.

6. Game 4: What´s missing ? This one is a classic. Play using the same cutouts.

7. Game 5: Tie crepe paper to some body parts to each student. Play some music, and when you stop it, say a body part, the students have to show it and name the color of the crepe paper attached to that body part.

Show off your body theme ideas at my facebook Group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.

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  1. Coloring books can also be used to help you teach children the creative way of making toys by their own hands, using only colored picture, scissors and glue. Coloring Pages

  2. Great ideas, `please send some and I´ll post them here as a guest blogger idea or post them at my Facebook Group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teacher.
    Waiting to hear from you !!!!!