Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Second Edition

1. Another cute idea from, using plastic plates.It comes with a cute poem.

2. Lacing cards: an extra activity for fine motor skill, I made them out of fun foam for extra durability.

3. Door hangers: something cute and easy to make for your classroom door.

4. Roll a dice: kids love to play with dice, it´s a nice way to practice number recognition and body parts. Find it at

5. Draw the face details: have all the printables for this fun activity, in which the kids have to draw the face details on many Halloween characters, it´s a nice way to review face parts.

6. Books: Love making books, I try to make a new one each year so the collection can start growing. As an EFL teachers, there aren´t many resources around. I found the 5 liitle ghost book at, you do need a suscription, but it´s worth it. 

The counting book can be found at

7. Pointers: I made these pointers using the templates at www.dltk-kids, and glued them onto balloon sticks. They can be used as pointers in class or as flashcards.

8. Name Tags: I always make name tags for Halloween parties. Punch a hole and place a ribbon.

9. Crowns: Making crowns is fun, here´s another one that I made only using bat shapes.

10. Math: Here are some ideas for counting.

11. I love finger puppets, I made a few. I got the printable at
The kids colored them, but I thought it would be better to paste the puppets onto fun foam, so they can last longer.

If there´s anything you need to make your own resources, please write to: and I´ll send it to your mail.
I´d love to see your Halloween ideas at my Facebook Page: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers, upload your pictures and share !!!

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