Monday, June 6, 2011

Fruit Theme for Preschool ELL

1. Display the fruit cutouts ( if your book doesn´t have them, just make your own)on the table. Place two boxes on the table a big one and a small one. Ask a student to come, take a fruit and place it in the corresponding box and say:
It´s a small banana.
Repeat with all the cutouts.

2. Taste: get real fruit like apples, bananas, pears, oranges, cut them into small pieces and place them on paper plates. Have students with their eyes closed get a piece of fruit and guess what it is.

 3. What´s in the bag? Place some real fruit in a bag. Have a student put his/her hand in the bag and identify the fruit by touch alone. Have the student say the name of the fruit. Repeat with other students.

4. My lunchbox: place a lunch box picture on the board. Attach all the food cutouts around the lunch box. Point to each food cutout and have the students identify the food.

5. Like Puppets: Make a happy and a sad face puppet to have students identify food that they like or don´t like. They can show the face and say: I like apples.

6. This worksheet comes in the book Sprinkles 1. Have students identify the  happy and the sad face. Hand out magazines or grocery store flyers to students so they can cutout pictures of food. Ask them to glue food they like under the happy face and the ones that they don´t like under the sad face. Then have them show their work to the class and say: I like oranges. I don´t like pears.

7. Fruit concentration: I used the cutouts that come with the book Sprinkles 1, but you can make your own. Place all the cutouts face down on the table. Have two students come and turn over two cutouts. If the pictures match, have him/her keep the cutouts. If not, have the student turn the cutouts over again. Continue until all the matching pairs have been found.

8. Sorting fruit by size

9. Crafts:  The website has some crafts for the fruit theme. I precut and place all the pieces in a plastic bag so the children could put together their fruit and use them as puppets. It´s a fun way to recycle words from the face theme.

10. Place your cutouts on the board and have students match with real fruit.

11. Graph: Checking my files I found this graph. It has the colored and black and white version for coloring.

Here´s the link to the lunchbox and graph.

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