Monday, May 30, 2011

Apple- Second Edition

Crown with patterns: here´s a link to the crown patterns:

Teaching patterns help children recognize patterns in their daily life. Children should grasp the concept that objects have similarities. This is important because patterns lead to grouping.

File Folder Games: Here more file folder games. They are easy and fast to make. It stores nicely. I put them into big plastic envelopes. They don´t cost a lot of money, just a few materials and a few printables.It´s an effective teaching tool.Once you get used to it you´ll love it and your students will too.

Flannel Board: They promote literacy skills. These cutouts made out of fun foam correspond to a rhyme that I got at, but you can use any song or chant that comes with the book that you use in class. They are perfect for circle or group time.Instruct the children to place the cutouts on the apple tree as you read the rhyme, chant or song.

Math: Order by size

Begin with a simple activity such as order 2 or 3 apples and then give them the whole set to order by size.

Apple Graph: Teach children how to read a graph and make observations.
I made my graph with 3 columns and 12 rows. I enlarged the graph I found on the web.

Graphs make counting meaningful for ESL Learners.

Apple books: has the template for the book Apple Faces. I just made it bigger for using it in class.

For the book I like apples, download the one I created. Here´s the fre link for a color version, a black and white version and a student version:

Math: Found the template at www., and put together the activity, but I gave it a twist by using old Burger King Kid´s Meal bags, I cut them with zig zag scissors to make look nice and glued the basket picture on it. Students can benefit using these counting strategies to increase their accuracy. It is important to start working with manipulatives.

Apple patterns:Cut the apples in half. Pour red, yellow and green paints onto paper plates. Place a half apple in each plate.

Have students press the apples halves onto one color paint and press the apple onto the paper to make a print. Have them make a pattern on the paper. Always show your work to them first.

All Venezuelan Teachers can have access to a free Apple Unit CD sent to your school or home. Please leave a comment here and send me your address (

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