Friday, May 7, 2010

Flower Theme

1. Alphabet: I made my own flower alphabet.

I used the template( and premade letters.

Have students put the alphabet in the correct ABC order or make words.

2. Dice Game: I always place the dice games on a colored file folder, so I can use many times. ( Using a colored dice, give the child the folder that has the instructions . Have the child roll the dice. If he gets a four, he can place the corresponding part. He continues to roll the die as long as he gets the next number he needs to place the next feature of the object. Continue until the flower is complete.

3. Rhyme ( 5 little flowers) : ( I used a glove and velcro to create this wonderful handpuppet that can make any storybook or rhyme come alive . A 5 story characters is ideal for using one for each finger on the hand . This is the same glove I used for the Family Theme.

Five Little Flowers
Five little flowers growing outside my door, I picked the red flower, now there are four.

Four little flowers, the prettiest I've ever seen, I picked the yellow flower, now there are three.
Three little flowers, just a lovely few, I picked the purple flower, now there are two.
Two little flowers reaching for the sun, I picked the orange flower, now there is one.
One little flower, a blue little hero, I picked it just for you, now there are zero!

4. Cupcake Daffodil. ( )You will need cupcake liners , the template, tissue paper. I glued colored pasta inside the cupcake or you place the child´s picture inside.

5. Flower Grid. I saw the idea here: I used my mini flowers and it turned out cute and fun. They teach one to one correspondence, counting, and numeral identification. Have the child roll a game dice, identify the numeral, count out that amount of mini flowers and placed them over each picture in the grid. Play until the whole grid is full. I used the grid game with 20 spaces . Then have the students sort the miniflowers by color.

6. Lacing card: lacing is good for fine motor skill practice, besides practice in tying knots and bows. The kids can decorate with paper cutouts or stickers.

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  1. I am so happy that I found your blog! So many wonderful ideas!