Saturday, May 1, 2010

Family Theme ideas for Preschool ELA

1. I made these out of fun foam, these are the characters of the book series Arthur. They are nice for introducing the family words.

2. Baby Matching Game. ( Play as Memory.
The object of the Game is to find all the matching pairs of cards.

How to play: 
Place all the cards with their faces down.
A student selects two of the cards . If both cards are the same, the students keeps them. If they are different, the student puts them back in place. Another student gets a turn. The game is over when they havematched all of the pairs and all the cards are gone.

3. Family Tree: I made a traditional family tree. Got the templates at Fill in the apples with photos to build a family tree. Encourage the children to ask their parents for photographs.

4. Cut outs: The book Sprinkles 1 (Richmond Publishing) comes with these cut outs. Great for introducing the different members of the family. Play the game What´s missing?. Place the cut outs or flashcards on the board or chalk ledge. Tell students to close their eyes and remove a cutout or flashcard. Have students open their eyes and ask the to identify the missing family member.

5. Fly swatter: This game is a favorite. Buy some nice fly swatters.

Have a student come to the board, give him/her a fly swatter and face you, the teacher, as you call out a word. Once the word has been called have the student turn around and using the fly swatter hit the correct picture.

6. Family Portrait: Hand each student a family portrait and have them decorate the frame with cloth scraps, fun foam, confetti,etc. Then have them paste their family picture.

7. Family Graph: Give students their family portrait pictures. Line up the family number cards (download the template: ) on the board or floor.Have students come up one at a time, say the number of people in their family and place their portrait in the corresponding number column. Graph the results.

8.  For Jellybeans 1(Richmond Publishing) I made this bed  for singing the song Jumping on the bed.

9. I made this book, the template, download it here for free:
It has more than 1000 downloads.

10. Family Puppets: This is from the book Little Tots 1. Use the appropriate gestures and voices to play games.

11. Family songs: I made this family glove. I placed Velcro on each finger tip and on the picture, but you can use the glove for every theme, only changing the pictures.Sing the songs and move the finger as the family member is named.They add interest.

 I have some very old flashcards that I will set up for free. I did them with a friend many years ago.

Just pointing to the flashcards with a big pointer... try to make your own pointers.

The files has these little cards, I used to amke a set for each child and play games with them, this is the classic SHOW ME !

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  1. So much stuff! I only saw my preschoolers once a week, but I did have a great family activity in October I changed the words to "Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate" to reflect members of the family. Then students got to make their own pumpkin family! Great fun!

  2. I agree that kids enjoy the most when they make their game stuff themselves. And it's a great way to trick them into learning.
    Great idea for all kinds of puppets, here with the fingers and in one of the previous posts.