Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Garden Theme Worksheets for the Preschool ELL

Four more garden theme worksheets to add to my collection.
Link to the worksheets:

Worksheet 1. For coloring the flashcards I found leaf fun foam and glued it onto a yogurt bottle cap. I used it to make prints on the tree.

Cut out the flashcards and make a garden crown.

Have the students at each table count all the flowers, leaves, trees and water cans. They can sort the items by color or by item. I glued an item to little plastic cups.

Worksheet 2. Students color and build a flower.  I glued a bamboo cooking skewer on the back so it could stand up and tall. I used an empty egg carton to place the flower.  It would be a nice table decoration.

Worksheet 3. Children color the leaves as in fall or autumn. I used 5 colors. Then they have to glue all the leaves and count how many colored leaves  are in their trees.

Teacher: What are these ?

Students: They are leaves.

Teacher: What color are the leaves ?
Students: They are green.
Teacher: How many green leaves are there ?
Students: one, two, three, four, five. Five !
Teacher: five green leaves.

Worksheet 4. Create a number line with the flowers on the egg carton.

Teacher: Look at flower Number 1. What color is it ?
Students: It´s red.
Teacher: It´s a red flower.
Students: It´s a red flower.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weather Worksheets for Preschool ELA

Worksheet 1.  The first page of all my worksheets are flashcards. It´s a simple resource, but we never have enough for each child. That´s why I created this page as a flashcards for all of your visual learners. Children will color them as you guide them or as they wish and make them colorful.  I also include the written word that is traceable.
Use them to present, practice or recycle the weather words. Prepare some games that be carried out in small groups. Then can take them home and play with their parents.
You can place them on cardboard to make sure you can't see through them.
And for your kinesthetic students use TPR activities: Stick the flashcards around the room and say a word and have the students point to it. Students can act as teachers and give the instructions . 

Worksheet 2. Children need to talk about numbers at the very beginning. Let them experiment with basic math concepts and the language of math.

I drew a raindrop onto paper and then traced it onto fun foam to create a raindrop to glue onto a yogurt bottle cap. That way I created a stamp to color the umbrella.
Then, I had the students cut the raindrop numbers and the umbrella. I had then glue all the pieces onto colored paper and place the raindrops in a number sequence. Students can also place them on the umbrella or on the ground. The possibilities are many.

Worksheet 3. Enhancing children understanding of the weather is teaching beginning science concepts. I placed children in 4 different weather scene  to be matched to the correct weather item.

 Worksheet activity 1. Have children match the weather from each flashcard from worksheet 1 to the children in each weather scene in worksheet 3. They can glue together each set onto different color cardboard.

 Worksheet activity 2. Since the flashcards are big and the weather cards for the worksheet 3 are small you can do a sorting activity  into big and small.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Family Theme Worksheets

And continuing with my collection of worksheets for Preschool English Language Learners, here are some more.

Here´s the link to the worksheets:

Worksheet 1. This is always the worksheet to use as flashcards and more. Keep them for all the classes to revise vocabulary.
Tell the students to color each family member in different color hair and eyes, to make different combinations.  You can make a class graph or a table graph with the hair color and eye color.

 I made a matching activity by cutting the word off and having students match the word to each picture.

Worksheet 2.  Blank faces for children to make a happy, sad, angry face.  I also added the color splotches and the numbers.
Instruct students to color their family members in any color combination they want. 

Colllect all the color splotches in a bag. Take one out at a time.
Teacher: What color is this ?
Students: Red.
Teacher: Who has red hair ?
Student: My sister ! ( Answers may Vary )
Teacher: OK. Bring me your sister.  ( place the red splotch on the board next to all the family members that have red hair.

Continue with all the other color splotches.
Then place the numbers next to each family member.  Say a number and have the students say who it is and describe the person.

Teacher: Number two ! Who´s number two ?
Students: It´s mommy !
Teacher: What color is mommy´s hair ?
Students: It´s black.
Teacher: What color are mommy´s eyes?
Students:They´re black.
Teacher: Is she happy or sad ?
Students: She´s happy.

Worksheet 3. Have students trace each mouth with a red crayon.

                           Teacher: Look at brother! He is happy. Trace his mouth.

 Students trace the contour of each family member. There are the numbers 1 to 4.

Have the students place a family member next to each number.

Teacher:  Number 4.
Students: daddy!
Teacher: happy, sad or angry?
Students: happy !

Worksheet 5. The classic portrait.  It´s so much fun to see how the show their family members to the class.


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Sunday, August 21, 2016

School Worksheets for Preschool ELL

Just catching up with all the worksheets. Here are 4 more for free!

Worksheet 1. Use the school cards as puppets. I glued them onto empty toilet paper tubes. They can be prompts to answer simple questions or to start a small conversation in class.

Worksheet 2. The worksheets can be approached creatively and from different perspectives. I just propose an idea but just you can think out of the box and do a completely different thing and I´d like to see that.
Worksheet 3. Think of more creative ways to use the worksheets. I turned these school items into craft stick puppets and then had the children sort them into the toilet paper tubes puppets from the first worksheet.

Worksheet 4.  This is a tried and tested worksheet, it a comfortable one.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Color Worksheets

And 4 more worksheets  for free!

Worksheet 1. Only 6 six colors, I will do the other 6 in the future using the same format.

I created a book for children to take home. Remember to use these as flashcards first.

Worksheet 2.  I saw this craft idea of wrapping with yarn, I had never done it before and thought it would be nice to try.  I found it easy and fun. After coloring each crayon , hand in a somewhat long string of yarn and have the children go around the crayon in the same color. Make a small knot in the back when they are done. And , before you start, attach tape to the yarn so it won´t move.

Worksheet 3. A little review of previous lessons.

Teacher:  Show me a crayon. (Students point to the crayon. )
Color the crayon red.

After coloring, I have the children cut and paste their picture onto colored craft sticks. Let them dry and cut apart. They can have fun putting all the school objects together.

Worksheet 4. I found these cute monsters to color and create patterns.
Have the children color each pattern line as you direct them.

Teacher: red monster, orange monster, red monster, orange monster

Then have the children cut all the monsters and glue them onto yogurt caps which are usually larger than the bottle caps. They can create patterns on their desks  with their group.

Students: blue, blue, yellow, yellow.

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