Sunday, August 21, 2016

School Worksheets for Preschool ELL

Just catching up with all the worksheets. Here are 4 more for free!

Worksheet 1. Use the school cards as puppets. I glued them onto empty toilet paper tubes. They can be prompts to answer simple questions or to start a small conversation in class.

Worksheet 2. The worksheets can be approached creatively and from different perspectives. I just propose an idea but just you can think out of the box and do a completely different thing and I´d like to see that.
Worksheet 3. Think of more creative ways to use the worksheets. I turned these school items into craft stick puppets and then had the children sort them into the toilet paper tubes puppets from the first worksheet.

Worksheet 4.  This is a tried and tested worksheet, it a comfortable one.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Color Worksheets

And 4 more worksheets  for free!

Worksheet 1. Only 6 six colors, I will do the other 6 in the future using the same format.

I created a book for children to take home. Remember to use these as flashcards first.

Worksheet 2.  I saw this craft idea of wrapping with yarn, I had never done it before and thought it would be nice to try.  I found it easy and fun. After coloring each crayon , hand in a somewhat long string of yarn and have the children go around the crayon in the same color. Make a small knot in the back when they are done. And , before you start, attach tape to the yarn so it won´t move.

Worksheet 3. A little review of previous lessons.

Teacher:  Show me a crayon. (Students point to the crayon. )
Color the crayon red.

After coloring, I have the children cut and paste their picture onto colored craft sticks. Let them dry and cut apart. They can have fun putting all the school objects together.

Worksheet 4. I found these cute monsters to color and create patterns.
Have the children color each pattern line as you direct them.

Teacher: red monster, orange monster, red monster, orange monster

Then have the children cut all the monsters and glue them onto yogurt caps which are usually larger than the bottle caps. They can create patterns on their desks  with their group.

Students: blue, blue, yellow, yellow.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Shape Worksheets for Preschool ELL

I prepared more worksheets. This time for the Shape Theme and free !

Worksheet 1. Flashcards. I use this worksheet as flashcards. Play some of the games posted in my other blog entries. Then children glue each one onto paper plates and cut them in different ways to create puzzles.

Worksheet 2.  Great for reviewing boy and girl and making patterns.  I made the children draw a silhouette around each boy in blue and  red for the girls. Then cut all the silhouettes and make a pattern on the desk. The pattern can be according to the shapes or colors.

Teacher: boy, girl, boy, girl.
Once the pattern has been established, children make a necklace to take home and repeat the pattern to their parents.

Worksheet 3. Here we review colors. I place colored paper with the shape on it. I had some shapes from an old book and had the children sort them by shape and then by color.

Worksheet  4. I designated a color for each shape.

Teacher: Find all the circles. Color the circles green.

Students cut all the shapes. Previously, prepare Cd envelopes  and glue a shape on each. Have all the children at the table place all the shapes in the designated envelope.

In 2010 I posted some ideas and activities for the Shape Unit. You can find them here.

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And during the years I have related shapes with other themes.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Free Resources for EFL/ESL Preschool Teachers

Teachers, I know that you are always looking for free printable resources. Here are the ones that I have available at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

I also have some free resources that you can ask for by writing an email to me.
Teachers maily write asking for the house resources, it´s very popular.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Clothes Worksheets

As a complement to my last blog post about clothes (

Here are some worksheets.

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