Saturday, February 21, 2015

Days of the Week

When you teach the Calendar, think of it as a wonderful opportunity for building the language of math.

Days of the week crowns

I made these crowns as a fun way to help students order themselves as the days of the week. 
There´s a colored and b/w version. You can also wear the crown during the day.

Get them at my Teachers Pay Store for free for a limited time.

Here are a great video to include in your lesson planning:

More calendar ideas for older students on my other blog:
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

School Unit for ELL

  Trace words:   Tracing increases memory and retention. Have children experiment with writing words in English. Have children trace each word and read it. You can also create a word wall with them and play some games, such as identifying the words. But just limit it only to the words you are teaching on this specific theme.

Use the trace the word cards for the Guess Game. Attach a picture to a student´s back (player). Don´t show it to the player. Display all the playing vocabulary flashcards on the board as clues, keep them no more than 6. The player has to find out which picture is on his/her back. The player has to ask questions: Is it a book? Is it blue?. The class will shout YES or No.

Make Take-home books with the tracing cards. Children can assemble an accordion book. Make a large strip of cardboard .. .   .   Fold the strip into equal sections.

 Decide how many words the book will have. Glue the title of the book on the front.
Make enough copies for each child to take home a book. Have them write their names on the cover. Send a note home to the parents about the book. Do group reading in class. Use your teacher´s version. Have the class name each picture and read each word with them.  By sending the book home you are supporting parent-child reading time. Reading will enhance oral language development.

Posters: most books come with huge posters that we hardly use.  Here´s an idea with the small flashcards or word tracers.
Hand a small flashcard to a student  asking:
Teacher: What´s this ? ( a book)
Student: a book.
Teacher: Go to the poster and find another book. Show me a book.
Class: a book.
Repeat with other vocabulary words.

Another idea:
Have a student pick up a small flashcard and ask the class.
Student: What´s this ?
Class: a pencil

Another student walks to the poster and find the picture.
You can also label all the pictures in the poster.

 Have the children draw as a way to stand for writing. The drawing will have a communication purpose. Give each student the classroom frame.

 Ask them to draw their classroom with furniture, classmates and school objects, anything they want.
Have a student come to the front of the class and point to objects in the picture.
Teacher: Point to the door. Continue with all the other school objects in the picture.

Games with cutouts: remember to laminate them with contact paper.

Even though times have changed this game never gets old. They have fun while they play and want to play more.

- Show me game. For this game try to print a set of card for each child . Name a card and the students show the card to you.
-   Place the school objects cutouts on the board. Have students name the different objects. This is a crayon..
          - Place the cutouts in different locations around the classroom. Give students commands for pointing to different cutouts.

 Bingo:  This activity helps children identify school vocabulary words. 

There are 20 cards, in a colored and a black and white version. I usually print 2 sets , each one in a different colored paper. I glue one set onto a file folder and place an envelope outside the folder for the other set which are the cards used to call out the school words. Provide  the children the grid where they can draw 4 vocabulary words. Call out the school word and have the children mark off their drawing if they have the word. Have them cross out all the grid to call out BINGO!

School theme book: Read aloud to the whole group. 

Reread using charts or enlarge the book pages and make a big book.
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine´s Day

Have children relate to American traditions and holidays by crafting and playing games.

Talk to the children about the tradition of exchanging cards and start one. You can even make valentine holder. Check out my Pinterest page and you´ll find some cute ideas I pinned this week.
Here is an easy craft I found on Pinterest. It is done with a paper plate and a heart template.
I made this jean fabric and white felt apron years ago. I also cut out fun foam hearts. I glued velcro onto each heart.When reading  the poem I could attach the poem to the white felt. I will be making more aprons to sell and more activities to go along with it. Get the poem and hearts at the link below.
For reviewing the Alphabet, I made these heart puppets. Get them here for free, for a short period of time:
 A  fun game for reviewing the parts of the face. It´s just a heart template and a dice.
I have the file. Please write to: and I´ll send to your mail.

A nice book for early learners.Printables available by writing to 

I am sharing some Valentine´s Day Cards. Get them at the link above.

A free book from the Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

And a free Trace worksheet from the TPT Store

More ideas on my last Valentine´s Day blog post:

For more activities  for older students go to my other blog:       

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Greetings and Introductions


   Make some people puppets, it can be the paper bag puppet or the finger puppet.
Hold them up and have them greet each other.
Boy Puppet: Hello !

Girl Puppet: Hi!


 Make a Hello  puppet  using the red one for Hello and the green one for goodbye. Students can also make their own hand puppet. Use the black and white template and color one side red and  the other green. Have them use the puppet to say hello and goodbye.

Say the word Hello or Goodbye in any order.
Teacher: hello, hello, goodbye, goodbye, hello, goodbye
Students must show their hand puppet in the correct color as they hear the word.

 Link:  It will be free for a short period of time.

Greeting Chain: say Hello to a student. Then have that student say hello to the student sitting behind. Continue, in a chain, until all the students have greeted  and have been greeted.

 What´s your name ?

Make a name badge for you and for your students. Point to your name badge and say your name. Point to a student and have him/her stand up and say My name´s ______
pointing to his/her name badge.

 Game 1: get a soft ball and introduce yourself. Throw the ball to a student in class and ask his/her name. Then, his student must continue the chain.
Teacher: My name´s Rosa Amelia. What´s your name ?
Student: My name´s Charlie.(Throwing the ball to another student) What´s your name?

Link:       A cute Video to check by Maple Leaf

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Favorite Blogs for Preschool and Kindergarten English language Teachers

I like to read Blogs to see new resources from teachers around the world, but I want to share some of my good blog findings.I consider that content, design and style make them stand out in no particular order .These teachers share part of themselves. I usually post their blog entries in my Facebook Group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.

11.    Teaching English to the Little Ones”– Innovative Holidays, crafts and many songs/videos. Printables are available as well. She focuses her lessons for the 3 to 5 year old children. She has also been my guest blogger.

    Country: She is from Lithuania but living in Spain         Publisher: Sara


2.    Cockroaches and Ladybugs This is blog is not to be missed. I appreciate all the high quality articles presented in all his posts. Everything is so interesting to read and very well written. He was kind enough to include my blog in a post  named Resources for Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Preschool. I am honored.

Name: Cockroaches and Ladybugs
Age: Preschool and Elementary
Country: Spain                               Publisher: Enric Calvet

3.    "English for Children Today- Daniela´s Class"- Daniela invites us to share her activities, videos, songs ,interactive games, ideas and projects. Follow her on Pinterest as she adds many pins related to teaching. Find her on Facebook.

Age: Preschool and Elementary
Country: Spain              Publisher: Daniela Ayala
4.  "Miss Lucy´s Teaching Fun"   
     She posts innovative  games and  fun activities .She designs her own resources and can be purchased at her online store. Her book for parents is available on  Amazon. 
     An interesting Facebook page wraps up all her creativity.
Age: Preschool and Elementary
Country: Spain                        Publisher: Lucy Moretti

5 . "El Blog de Espe" ---------------

Age: Preschool and Elementary
On her site, you will find resources, useful links for your students and  fun ways to teach.  Many readers will find this blog very inspiring.
Country: Spain
Publisher: Esperanza Moreno

6. " British Early Years Centre"-----
The best pictures on a blog with unique ideas for toddlers and kingergarten students.
Age:  Pre School and Nursery 
Country: Bangkok

7. "Helen Doron English"--------

This blog belongs to the franchise Helen Doron English  web site which covers topics related to teaching and the franchise as well. There´s a wide variety of topics relevant to teachers today.
Country: Europe- Austria
Age: babies to teens
Publishers: Helen Doron English

8 ".Learn English with Ken and Karen" -----------
Head to this blog to follow her story based activities. You’ll enjoy her lesson planning  and more Get ideas and plenty of motivation.
Country: Spain
Age: Preschool and Kindergarten

9. "UPUERÊ "---------------------

 Find useful information along with beautiful imagery keeping us engaged in reading. This awesome blog comes to inspire teachers.
Publisher: Claire Venable
Country: Brazil

10. "Children Learning English Affectively "
Dig into the  posts  to  find a treasure of pure content.   This is a first class blog that many will be delighted to follow.
Publisher: Juan Alberto Lopez Uribe 
Country: Brazil
Age: Kindergarten and Elementary

Please post a link to your favorite blog here and on the Facebook Group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.