Tuesday, August 8, 2017

More School Theme Activities for the ELL

Many books from the big Publishers come with cut-outs. I love them. But over the years I have collected quite a few and I will give some ideas on how to use them further and how to use them with students who are starting to read and write in English.

The cut-outs can be used as classroom d├ęcor. The bulletin board can be greatly enhanced by them. Walls and  windows can´t be missed. And I also make cut-outs out of old text books. Many teachers have access to cut-outs in the dollar stores, Target and more. And others have access to Teacher´s Magazines such as Maestra Jardinera.

The same  cut-outs can be turned into puppets.

Children need variety in their learning, they need different experiences within the same concept, such as with the identification of the school objects. I made these labels that I printed onto colored paper.

Help children make connection between the vocabulary and the written words. I found these scrabble game tiles that are fun to help children write the word and then add up the numbers if you want to use this with older students.

Children need practice to learn to read and write. Reinforce and repeat !

Classifying as big or small.

If you have several cut-outs, create puzzles. Use a markers to draw  the lines to cut.

I have seen on Pinterest a crown with a pocket. I made mine out of fun foam, a glitter one. I managed to place a small pocket to insert a cutout. As student´s head vary, I thought I place a binder clip and it worked well.

I have got more cut-outs and I want to give them away for free. The first teacher to write a request with an address will get them. (

My product, Alphabet Letters Art and Craft is always selling well. I thought I should make more letters and made 21 more within this unit. Encourage children to answer your questions.

Teacher: What letter is this?
Students: S
Teacher: What is this ?
Students: Sharpener.
Teacher: S is for Sharpener.
Students: S is for Sharpener.

You can also use the word labels and the scrabble letters with each letter art.

And to end this blog post I revised my School Flashcards and added a lot more. There 175 flashcards now. 

Here´s the link:

I  have it at my other store:

I have more School Theme blog post that you might want to visit.

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