Thursday, April 27, 2017

School Furniture Worksheets for ELL

Link to the worksheets:

As always my first worksheet is to be used as flashcards. I added the letters. I printed them out in colored paper and glued them onto wood clothespin. It might have been nicer to paint them in a bright color. The goal is that children rewrite the words using the clothespin letters.

This other worksheet is a color by number. It is fun way to review colors and color words. It does benefit children as they have to read or listen to the instructions in order to color, I make them underline the phrase in the corresponding color.  The number will represent color not just quantity. The children will have to go through the 6 numbers to see the finished drawing.  After finishing the worksheet I was wondering what else to do, so I thought that cutting each instruction phrase and gluing it on each number would be a good idea.

Before working on this worksheet, mime the prepositions. It can be in, on, under. Use your actual board, chair, and table. Make larger copies of the glue, pencil, crayon and demonstrate placing the glue on the chair.

Give the children their worksheet. Assign the color if you wish.  Then have them cut glue, pencil, crayon.  Have the students practice some actions, without using glue.
Teacher: The glue is on the chair.
Give more examples to do.
Finally, children glue their objects on the school furniture either as you assign them:
Teacher: The crayon is on the board.
 or color as they want and then present to the class.
Student: The pencil is under the table.

A creative worksheet as students have to draw the school´s front door and themselves going to school.

As I have seen some of these puzzles, I gave it a try and created this one. I added the words so children could paste on the puzzle. It would be a good idea to paste the sheet onto cardboard or fun foam before cutting it. The puzzle is a manipulative to work with as they will arrange it as they want before putting it correctly using the number order. As we work with the vision of the whole child it develops hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, it gives the opportunity of problem solving as they put all the numbers in order. Memory is also involved as they will remember how the actual drawing was before cutting it.

I have more school theme posts with activities, ideas, resources.

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