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Insects Worksheets and more for Preschool ELA

Worksheets. Engage students in different tasks with these worksheets with an art based view. Children always get excited when they see the scissors, glue and markers. They will create a product from the worksheets. It is not the worksheet by itself.
The worksheets can encourage student to communicate in English, as they listen and color, as they repeat directions to other students, as they give the directions for completing the worksheets. Share more ideas here to improve the use of them.
All the worksheets have the words to trace, but you can make them write the words instead of tracing and gluing as in my examples. It depends on the group that you are teaching.
Worksheet 1. This first woksheet is to introduce the vocabulary. The students color is designated colors and trace the corresponding words. Then cut into cards to play games as I have along this blog.

Worksheet 2. after you have played with the cards have the students cut the animals. Tell them that the animals live in different places. Ask questions.
Teacher: Where does the bee live?
Students: beehive. 
Have the students glue the bee at the beehive.
Worksheet 3. Tell the students that there are bottle jars for the insects, Have them draw the insects in the jars. Or cut the jars and have the students draw all the insects they want in each jar.
Worksheet 4.And review with the students the parts of the body. Ask questions.
Teacher: Look at the butterfly. What is missing?
Students: The head!
teacher: draw the head.

Worksheet 5. Sort the insects according to their body parts, the ones with legs and the ones with wings.
Teacher: Which insects have wings?
Students: butterfly and bee.
Worksheet 6.Have the students draw their favorite insect and graph the result on a wall or door.

Insect Garden Scene. Children can use the garden template and draw all the insects. They can use all the templates and write the words. Vary the scene as much as you like.
 I´d love to see what you come up with. You can also go outside and have them draw the insects they can see.

Display the scene on the board. Hand out the insects cutouts to several students.  Name a cutout and have the students come to the scene and place them.
Teacher: Butterflies!
Students place the butterflies.
Teacher: How many butterflies are there?
Students: One ,two, three, four butterflies.

Insects eat ! Here is a short list.
Snails: plants, fruits, vegetables,leaves
Spiders: insects,flies,mosquitoes,cockroaches
Bees: pollen, honey ,nectar.
Butterflies: nectar.
Ladybugs:  other insects, mushrooms,leaves ,some plants.
Ants: fruit, meat vegetables ,fruits, spiders,insects.carrots, apples ,lettuce.

 I glued the spider onto a box flap and cut a slit on the mouth so I could fee the spider. Use it as a speaking opportunity.

Teacher: What is this ?
Students: It´s a spider.
Teacher: What color is the spider ?
Students: It´s green.
Teacher: What is this ?
Students: It´s a butterfly.
Teacher: The spider is hungry. The spider is eating the pink butterfly.
Students: The spider is hungry. The spider is eating the pink butterfly.

Insect book. There are many variations to the book. You can print your own book. I can make a larger version if you need one. ( email:
Children can cut and paste as I did, they can read and draw the corresponding bee.
Art helps children to develop mentally and emotionally.  Children will have to analyze on how to put together the letter. Give them different materials to add on each letter, such as glitter, buttons, yarn. Let them experiment into making their own letter. There is no right or wrong. I made an example and so should you, but it´s their choice on how to turn a B into a bee.
Dice. I made two of them, one with numbers and another with the insects. Just as in the farm theme. Throw the dice and have the students either draw the insects or place them on a paper plate or on the board. You can use the worksheets and have each table place the corresponding amount of insects on a plate or the garden scene.

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