Monday, May 30, 2016

Clothes Worksheets

As a complement to my last blog post about clothes (

Here are some worksheets. I usually over plan a lesson, the more resources I have the less stressed out I will be . Sometimes, students finish faster than we think and those dreaded extra minutes are horrible. I used to carry a cart with so many resources for that purpose. 

The link:

After coloring them in any technique that you choose, use them as miniflashcards. They serve as a visual and tactile resource for each child. They can make for flexible activities to use along the theme. Frequent practice of the new vocabulary builds confidence.
Maintain interest in the new unit by having children dress up the model as themselves or someone else. You choose the subject. Children will come with their own ideas for the dress up. 

And the flashcardss to introduce the new words, serve as prompts in some games. Display them as reminders. Do chorus work using different intonations such as happy, sad and angry.
Teacher: a dress! ( in a sad intonation)
Students: a dress! ( in a sad intonation)

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