Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sea Animals part 2

This is an addition to my other sea blog post.
I am creating a lot of worksheets to go along with the themes. Besides I am adding up to the Letter Arts and Crafts Collection.

Link to the files:

I know that many teachers still like to use worksheets in class and even more if you have so many children to handle at the same time.

This is a two way worksheet. One is a regular worksheet to identify the vocabulary and the other is put the animals in context, which is the Ocean or the Sea.

Dictate the colors for each number, then have the children match the fish to the number.
Teacher:  What color is Number 2 ?
Students: It´s green.

Once the children finish tracing the numbers and coloring the sea animals, have the cut the animals and place them in numerical order on the table or glue them on a piece of paper.

And , cut and paste the sea animals by sorting them into big and small,
Teacher: Name the big animals.
Students: dolphin, sea, octopus, shark.
Teacher: Name the small animals.
Students: fish and crab.

More letter arts and crafts!

Check out the first part.

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