Friday, February 26, 2016

Dr. Seuss worksheets for ELL

I have never done Dr. Seuss in class. I only remembered reading the books back in Kinder in Texas, USA. There were no Seuss books when I was actively teaching in my hometown ( Caracas). I always wanted to introduce the books to my students. Then, the movies started to show up and Seuss became more popular in Latin Countries.
I started to look for printable books and clip art on the internet, but there was nothing available. I didn´t give up and here are 4 worksheets that I will be giving for free to the teachers that request them by email. (

I have a board on Pinterest ( Dr. Seuss), I pinned some short videos to play in class. I based the worksheets on them.

Turn the worksheet into cards and play Show me !

Teacher: Show me Lorax ! ( Students raise their card) Prompt students to repeat.
Students: Lorax!

 After the students have completed the worksheet, play SLAP!
Students place their worksheet on their desk.
Teacher: It´s a blue fish.
Students touch as fast as they can the fish and repeat Blue Fish.
Continue with all the fish.

Students color their green eggs and ham at their choice.

Use your set of colored eggs and ham to call out a small bingo.
Teacher:  ( show your cutout) orange eggs and ham, stand up together! Make a group.
Continue until all the class has stood up in groups. Count how many children are in each group and name the winning  color of eggs and ham.
Then, have them cut out the eggs and ham and place a masking tape at the back. At your signal children hide their drawing anywhere in the classroom and sit down.
Teacher: Stand up ! Find red eggs and ham.
Students stand and run to find the red eggs and ham. Collect all the ones they bring you. Repeat until all the eggs and ham are collected.

Students color the vocabulary words from the cat in the hat. Then, cut all words and glue them on the hat. Make a hat.

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