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Toys Thematic Unit for ELL

Children learn by doing fun activities in significant situations. Children learn by playing and interacting.
    Get some real toys to introduce  the words. Relate each toy to an action.
Ball (throw a ball)
Yo-yo (move the yo-yo up and down)
Doll (cuddle a doll)
Teddy bear ( hug the teddy bear)

     Paper Bag Puppet: children have fun placing 4 fingers inside the flap of the bag, moving the flap up and down making the puppet speak, they are so easy to operate. Start your puppet collection. I just created a new PUPPET board on Pinterest, with many links to make your own puppets. If you like mine they are free upon request at

Review all the face and or body partsIf you are using the coloring page.
Teacher: Show me the doll´s hair. Color her hair brown.
Continue with all the body parts. 
There are labels if you want to use them.
If you are using the blank face.
Teacher: Draw the doll´s eyes. Her eyes are green.
 Continue with all the face parts.
 Or get the resources here: Draw the face on the toy. Drawing precedes writing. The two toys´ faces are blank so you can dictate the drawing.
Teacher: draw the eyes. (continue with more body parts)
Flashcards stimulates language development and increases children´s  reading abilities by the oral repetition and visual association.       
 Game 1: pass a toy flashcard to a student.
               Teacher: This a drum.
              Student:  This a drum. ( passes the flashcard to another  student)
             Continue with all the flashcards.
            Game 2:  Distribute all flashcards to some students in the class. Name a toy and have that student stand up and say the name of the flashcard and show it to the class.
Student: I have a ball.

 Game 3:  Bring 6 students to the front, hand in a flashcard to each one. Call out the toys in random order. Students line up. The class says if it is correct.

Game 4 : Place the flashcards around the classroom. Say a toy word. Students have to run to the toy flashcard. The first student to get to the toy flashcard says STOP! And will be the caller for the next toy word.

Review all the singular flashcards before presenting  the Plural Toys Flashcards. Place them on the board. Introduce the Plural form of the toys by holding the flashcard.

Teacher: How many balls ? One, two. Two balls.
Students repeat the plural toy word. Emphasize the final s of the plural. Contrast the singular and the plural form. Place them all on the board.

Point to the flashcards at random order. Students say the toy words emphasizing the final S.

I created a S puppet for the birthday theme. I made mine out of fun foam. Use it to point out the final S and emphasize the sound.

Point to the robot.
Teacher: What is this ?
Students: It´s a robot.
Point to the 3 robots.
Teacher: What are they ?
Students: They´re robots.
Continue with all the flashcards.
Teacher: How many robots are there ?
Students: Three.
Worksheet 1: Cut the cards for the students. Have the students choose a card from the 6.

Teacher : How many ? (Point to a student in class)
Student: three ( Holds up his/her card)
Teacher: Three dolls. ( Prompt all the students with the number 3 card to stand up)
Students: Three dolls. (stand up holding the card)
Continue with all the other cards.

Make groups of 2.  Students practice asking the questions How many ? and answering  using the cards.
Teacher: How many teddy bears ?
Students: two.
Students cut all the cards and line them up on their desks. Call out the cards in random order.
Teacher: Three dolls !

Students hold up the cards. Give them a piece of paper and have them glue all the cards.

Worksheet 2/3: matching singular and plural
Teacher: How many robots are there ?
Students: Three.
Students cut all the cards. Have the students match the singular and plural cards on their desk.
Play Show me !
Teacher: Show me kite and kites!
Teacher: It´s a doll. ( Students hold up the appropriate card)
               They´re kites. ( Students hold up the appropriate card)

Once all the cards are matched on their desks. Give them a big construction paper and have them glue each pair.  It could be optional if they circle in red all the letter s in each pair.
Worksheet 4: Children color each ball in 2 colors.
Give an egg carton discard to each student in a table. Children can paint the carton in green to represent the grass. Cut a slit in each egg holder. Children glue their balls to craft sticks. Instruct them to insert their balls into the slit.

Teacher: How many balls are there ?

Student: 6
Teacher: What color  is this ball ?
Student: It is red and green.

Classroom word decoration: use the ceiling, the cabinet, a door to give extra energy to the class and to use them effectively by memorizing the words in a fun routine. Engage students into practicing with the words.
Toys Letters arts and crafts.
 Teachers have used it for decoration or for an art activity for their students. I used capital letters for the toys. You can either trace or print each letter onto colored construction paper. Create a letter gallery in your classroom.

Toy Domino: a game  to  reinorce vocabulary words by matching the pictures. There are 28 tiles.
Memory cards: improves student´s short-term memory and cognitive skills to match the cards. There are also color words to match to each picture.

  Number card puzzle: use them to develop mathematical communicative competence from an early age.
Teacher: Number 3.  
Students: PurpleToy Bingo: The bingo will reinforce the vocabulary words and the children will have fun. Instead of making bingo cards for each student, I made the teacher´s board cards and a blank page for the students to draw their 4 toys. The cards can be used to create a word wall.
Puzzles: use them to entertain and to learn patience, perseverance and play fair with other children. It will also develop problem solving techniques.
       Favorite toy. Have children draw and color their favorite toy. They can cut out a picture from magazines, brochures, etc. A picture can be brought from home.
Do a show and tell activity as volunteers show their favorite toy to the class and say the name of it and describe it.
There´s another blog post entry for toys:

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