Friday, March 13, 2015

St. Patrick´s Day 2015

Transmit culture through this language lesson on a famous Holiday.
Talk about the Holiday to the children and use hands- on activities to get students acquainted to  this Green Holiday. Increase student´s awareness by offering insights into the Tradition and Culture as it is transmitted through language.

Tracer book: You can add contact paper to each page and have the students use the book over and over again. Children can trace the words with the finger or erasable markers. Have the students read the phrase con each page. Tracing will help with writing.

Link to the resources:

Printable bracelets: Hand in a bracelet to each child. The children color the bracelets as indicated by you. Tape the ends together. As all the bracelets are different, call a word and have the students make groups with their bracelets. You can use different color paper to print them.

Domino: make a many sets you can, a set can work for three to four children. You can make large prints of the domino. Encourage children to play other games with the dominos.
Link :

Flashcards: use them to present the Holiday words. Stick the flashcards on the board.

Idea 1:    Teacher: It is green. It is for my head . (mime putting on the hat)
                Students: hat. (Pointing to the flashcard)
                Repeat with all the flashcards.

Idea 2:    If you are working on the alphabet. Have the students order the flashcards in alphabetical order.
Idea 3:    Teacher: ( show a card) It´s a yellow coin.
               Students: clap and say TRUE!  if it´s true.
                  NO! if it´s wrong.

Crown: print this crown and have as many as you need. They can have a powerful effect on discipline. It will encourage the rest of the class to follow the super student. Also consider giving the reward to those that make a great effort or huge progress in class. Give as many students the chance to win or wear the crown.

Teacher Mariaymed from Caracas with her photo props.
Some puppets: 


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