Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easter for Preschool ELL

Easter Board game: students will learn besides taking turns, to count spaces in English. Lots of sharing and waiting will occur with this attractive game. I placed mine on a file folder, but you can make any kind of layout with the pieces. I placed the bunny con clip binders so they can stand. The eggs can be glued on any path you like. Four children can play at the time. Player 1 rolls the die and moves the bunny the spaces indicated on the die. The players take turns.

Easter How many book ?:  This is a pattern kind of book so children can easily understand because all the words are repeated in every page.

Easter Photo Booth: so much fun to take  pictures.

Easter Wreath: focus on creating this fun wreath using crayons, chalk, paints, watercolors or tempera paint blocks.

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 Easter Domino Game: use the game for matching skills. Easter pictures are used instead of dots. Help children link the dominos together.

Easter Game: play teaches children without even noticing it. Print all the cards and them in line in the half. Give each child a half-card and the go around looking for a friend that has the other half. They have to stand together, as you walk around checking and having the whole card members say the name of the card.

You can also play games like having the children group as chicks, carrots and so on. Or group as half chick with half carrots.

Flashcards game: Review the flashcards with the students. Shuffle the flashcards and have the students guess which flashcard you are holding. The student that guesses correctly keeps the card. 

Easter number eggs: help students learn discursive math and work on math topics with easy games. The student has to glue or place the correct amount of picture eggs on each number.

Easter Mobile: photocopy the pieces on colored cardboard if you wish. Students can use markers, sequins or glitter glue to decorate all the pictures. Punch a hole on all the pieces to put them together. I used yarn to hang up the mobile.

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