Monday, January 26, 2015

Greetings and Introductions


   Make some people puppets, it can be the paper bag puppet or the finger puppet.
Hold them up and have them greet each other.
Boy Puppet: Hello !

Girl Puppet: Hi!


 Make a Hello  puppet  using the red one for Hello and the green one for goodbye. Students can also make their own hand puppet. Use the black and white template and color one side red and  the other green. Have them use the puppet to say hello and goodbye.

Say the word Hello or Goodbye in any order.
Teacher: hello, hello, goodbye, goodbye, hello, goodbye
Students must show their hand puppet in the correct color as they hear the word.

 Link:  It will be free for a short period of time.

Greeting Chain: say Hello to a student. Then have that student say hello to the student sitting behind. Continue, in a chain, until all the students have greeted  and have been greeted.

 What´s your name ?

Make a name badge for you and for your students. Point to your name badge and say your name. Point to a student and have him/her stand up and say My name´s ______
pointing to his/her name badge.

 Game 1: get a soft ball and introduce yourself. Throw the ball to a student in class and ask his/her name. Then, his student must continue the chain.
Teacher: My name´s Rosa Amelia. What´s your name ?
Student: My name´s Charlie.(Throwing the ball to another student) What´s your name?

Link:       A cute Video to check by Maple Leaf

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