Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas !!

I think this is my first Christmas Blog Entry. I am always so busy that I never post anything, even though I prepare to do it.

Christmas Flashcards for FREE!! , but not for long.Go to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Christmas Alphabet Puppets:  This is from , one of the best web sites for ELLs.

You can use the alphabet cards and the flashcards to play a matching game.

Teacher: S as in Santa ( Holding up the alphabet puppet and the flashcard)
Alphabet Flip Book: gives children the opportunity to sort the letters of the alphabet. Get it at
 Christmas Book: a nice book about Santa´s clothes.
Give your children a meaningful experience with print by being read to. 
1 Christmas Crafts

Christmas Nativity: easy to recreate the Nativity scene by using the worksheet. I placed them onto a pizza box bottom. If you want the file, please write to by using the worksheet. 
Christmas paper bag Puppets: you can use them to complement any story that you are reading in class. You can add more pieces to each puppet, such as pompoms, wiggly eyes, candies, cotton and more. The puppets can converse in their own words. If you want the file, write to

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