Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving 4th edition

This is an inexpensive and easy to make positive reinforcement . Set the criteria for earning the crown. Give it to the student right after the desired behavior has been exhibited in class. Use it in every class during the week so many students can be the Super Turkey Student.   “The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount.”      —B.F. Skinner
Get the crown the resource here:

I am a huge fan of cutouts. Just glue on a craft stick and they will become stick puppets. They can be used to sing songs.

Place the cutouts on the board using masking tape. Point to each cut out and name it. Have students repeat. Use your Thanksgiving pointer.
                                                                                                                                   Put the cutouts around the classroom. Give a pointer to each student , name a cutout and have the students point to it. Make as many pointers as you can.
As for the cutouts, please write an email to: and I´ll send them to you.

Paper bag puppets:

Use a standard lunch bag and print the templates onto white or colored cardboard.
The paper bag puppets are often used by speech therapist on building language ,for eliciting sounds and for word repetition. It can also promote listening to others .

Classroom decoration:

Print out the templates and have the children color all the pieces. Use it to review body parts. I stuffed it using recycled newspaper. Here´s the free link:

Coloring Books can strengthen oral communication because students have to practice giving and following directions. Tell them if there are choices or options to color each page, such as using any color or you instruct them to color each part. Get their attention by showing your own book and use it as reference. Explain specifically and in a clear way what to do on each page, that they are going to color only what is read to them. Display your coloring book so the students can compare to yours. This hands-on activity will enhance color awareness. Many other materials can be used such as  brushes, cotton swabs, or fingers. You will be reviewing body parts and clothes.  I created a turkey, Indian Boy, Indian Girl, Pilgrim Boy and Pilgrim Girl.

Here is the turkey book to review the parts of the body and introduce new bosy parts that are specific for animals such as wattle, wings, beak.

Read with them the sentences, have the students point  to the body part and color as you say.
Teacher: Color my beak! Point to the beak.
Color the beak orange!

Put up a turkey on the board, you can enlarge mine and start coloring as the students to make your own model.
When finished, start asking questions.
Teacher: What color are the wings?
Students: They are brown.
 I binded my own book.

Art involves problem solving, thinking, and using shapes to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Plus, it's just plain fun!

Flashcards:  The implementation of a flashcard system is unique; in that, it can be used in almost any setting and it teaches specific skills quickly (Van Houten & Rolider, 1989). Furthermore, flashcards can be implemented in almost any setting and teaches specific skills quickly and easily (Becker et al., 2010). Flashcards can also be easily implemented within a classroom with the classroom teacher or other classroom personnel (Kaufman et al.,2011)

As with Halloween, I created another set of dominos. Introduce it to the class and have them name each domino word they play.

Show them how to play and how  to take turns matching either end of the line. I made a big set to explain on the board.

There are plain dominos and the pieces. I used contact paper on all the pieces and printed two sets of illustrations . Use masking tape.

Math plates. I used plastic plates to create the activity. I glue the feather onto plastic clips. Using  manipulatives  help their learning of numbers and colors. Always include a math activity in your lesson planning .

The whole packet of 101 pages at the Teachers pay Teachers Store. Includes: flashcards, dominos,math plates,coloring book.

A Necklace. I made this one by painting the noodles firstin Thanksgiving colors, that threading them in a patterned sequence using a twig. I made the charm that can be either colored by the students or used the colored version. I glued it onto fun foam to make it studier.
Here is the file :

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