Monday, May 20, 2013

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hen doing math activities in our class , we are also teaching English besides  providing students with linguistic support for understanding academic math concepts in the future.

Weather Graph: it´s easier to do graphics when you have small groups, but when you have more than 30 children in a class you can still do it but have everything ready. Use the  cutouts or  the weather puppets. Collecting data and organizing it can be done in a variety of ways. Comparing results makes the vocabulary meaningful to the students.

Weather puppets:
Have the students create their weather puppets or have some ready to use. Show each weather puppet and ask:

How´s the weather ? Ss: It´s sunny.
Ask another question: Do you like sunny weather ? Ss: Yes !

Besides having the puppets , wear a Weather Crown.  Make it for you or for the child(ren) out of construction paper. Your students will love the special crown.
 And some paper glasses will be fun,too.
Learning nursery rhymes as children immerses them in the culture of the language, besides it helps with pronunciation, vocabulary and the language rhythm .Send in the rhyme paper home so parents can sing it along.

Craft projects benefit students by applying English to art.

You can use my weather dial or design your own. Have yellow tissue paper for making the little balls for the sun, silver glitter for the snow, cotton balls for the clouds. Have the students identify each weather symbol. Help the students assemble the wheel. After the dial is ready, name a weather word and have the students move then arrow to the symbol and repeat the word. Have them look out and say How´s the weather today ? and point to the arrow towards that symbol.
I love my pocket chart, it can be used for every class. It not only saves you time as you are not writing on the board and it is very interactive, since any child can place the weather strip on the pocket chart every day. 
And no lesson is complete without a book.

A lovely site worth visiting and getting valuable ideas:
Get some weather flashcards here:

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  1. Wow, what a fun and exciting way to learn! At my age, I find it to be motivating. It’s like playing and at the same time learning. Plus, it’s much easier for the kids to identify the lesson. I really like the approach and method of teaching. Kudos to you!

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  2. Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!! , only a suggestion the first drop is the one at the bottom not the one at the top