Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fingerplays for Easter

Carissa Peck is my guest blogger today. Such an honor to have you here. Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas!!!

Carissa Peck is a San Diego native who has spent the last 5 years teaching in different countries (USA, South Korea, The Netherlands, Spain and Mexico)  and at different age levels. She has her Masters in Multicultural and Bilingual Studies from the Universidad de Alcalá. While she currently teaches at a University in Mexico, she often misses her years teaching preschool. At every level Carissa Peck believes that using students joy for music will always help them learn and have fun!

I really prefer to think of Fingerplays just as a basic form of songs with TPR. They can be lots of fun for children! Besides the obvious vocabulary and sentence structure, it also helps students with skills that will help them later such as memory, rhythm, rhyming, listening, and muscle coordination.

Here's one that talks about Easter eggs! If you aren't supposed to teach Easter at your school you can easily change it to, "Five special eggs" or "Five talking eggs.

I made a Halloween version to practice family members here ( but this one has been adapted to review emotions with younger ones.

This is the song for the pumpkins, but the hand motions are essentially the same. If you aren’t familiar with the fingerplay check out the YouTube video here: the hand motions are great. The only thing that I changed was instead of, "boo" we pretend to yawn "open mouth and arms up"

My students ADORED it, and it was a fun review of family members. You could teach it several different ways, but this is what I did.

1. We started class normally with the Hello song, and we reviewed our emotions (happy, hungry, sleepy, etc.).

2. We covered the day, month and season and I tell them that we’re going to sing a Springtime song.

3. I showed them the eggs. I asked which egg was happy? Which egg was sleepy? Etc. Then we quickly cut out each egg (by quickly I mean we cut out the eggs as squares, not as circles). Each student wrote their name on the back so the eggs didn’t get confused later (and to get them to practice their letters again).

4. I drew a gate on the board and we learned the words.

5. I said the song and each time I held up my egg and had them hold up theirs.

6. Then we repeated the song, line by line. I sang it, they repeated.

7. I selected 5 students to be the eggs they would come up with one paper egg and we would sing the song. They would hold their egg in their air when we said their part. (Repeat until all students who want to can come up to the class and be a egg)

8. Review colors (What color is the sky? What color can eggs be? What color is grass?)

9. For older (my four and five year olds) students they colored their eggs and then pasted them to the gate paper. My younger students (the three year olds) were divided, some cut, and some just colored a premade page (the last one in this packet)

10. For fast finishers I also put a bunny, some flowers, some grass and the phrase, “Happy Easter” that they can cut out and paste to the picture.

For more lessons like this check out more clipart like this check out

You can download worksheets for this activity in class for free at teachers pay teachers:

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  1. Always nice to share something some place new, and just in time for Easter!