Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter 2013

In my home country there is no Easter celebration using eggs and bunnies. But coming in contact with this American celebration promotes culture consciousness that is important in the English class. Understanding another culture, fosters tolerance in the students. So let´s celebrate the Holiday.
I loved my Guest Blogger´s entry about Easter Fingerplay. Thanks Carissa!! I got carried away and created stick puppets, like the ones in the picture. I also made coloring pages and flashcards.

Download them here:
Another craft from Ms. Rodulfo, Caracas-Venezuela, lovely, isn´t it ? The template is from

Scholastic has fantastic templates for the Holidays, I really love the glasses. And I´m into photo props so  much that I am making them for every Holiday.The glasses were made using construction paper and the maks with fun foam, it´s very inexpensive and  holds its shape.
If you want the template send me an email:

 As for Classroom decoration, I always turn to  first for ideas,it is a website based in Canada , the owner is Leanne Guenther. Her resources are the best for EFL Teachers, she has a huge selection of printables. The following two decorations are from her site.
 I made this one out of construction paper  because of it´s rough texture, the beautiful colors and that I could use my inkjet printer.

This doorknob is a fun foam craft and googly eyes were added.

This craft is  from, an American website. Use it as an attention grabber. The students usually love when a new visitor comes to class. Use it to encourage oral communication or as a companion for songs. 

                                                                                                                                   There are so many free printable subway art to enjoy, I loved the colors of this one.
Here´s the link:
This is also called Typography art because words are arranged into an specific theme, like this one-EASTER- using diffferent fonts, varying the size of the words and the colors, and incorporating clip art.

And I bought this cute costume for the kids to put on and be the bunny.

   Make some Easter Bunny tracks in the playground, use sidewalk chalk.

Here´s the link to my version:
A Venezuelan friend of mine, Abigail Andrade,made these baskets for our kids.

 And Happy Easter !!!

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