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Clothes Theme for Preschool ELL

Make the children interested in language, capture their attention. Make things easy to understand. Use lots of repetition through a variety of activities.

1.T shirt decorating.
Students can learn language through art, promoting creativity. In Ruppert’s study he found that, “certain forms of arts instruction enhance and complement basic reading skills, language development and writing skills.
Use my template and print out the t-shirt, that students will decorate using their imagination and surfacing their emotions.

Give them stickers, markers,etc.

2. Cutouts are valuable because there are good motivators to teach, practice or review the vocabulary words in each unit. Use them to practice grammar structures or for speaking activities. Most book series bring their in their teacher´s set.If not make your own using clip art from the web and make your set.

Cutout activity1 :
Teacher: This is a shirt. (Showing  the cutout)
Students: This is a shirt.
Teacher: What color is the shirt ?
Students: blue.
Teacher: It´s a blue shirt.
Students: It´s a blue shirt

Cutout activity 2 :
Have students sort the clothing items by observing, comparing boys and girls clothes.This activity help to  create  awareness that is important for math learning in the future.

Cut out activity 3: Just display the doll poster and have students name each  clothing item as you put on the clothing item on the girl.

3. Clothesline: Hang the clothesline in class. Distribute the coloring cards to some students. Start by calling individual students to hang up their cutout in an established pattern.

Patterning is a basic math skill but it can develop speaking skills as children “read” the patterns. I only use the easiest ones referred to as AB, such as dress, skirt, dress, skirt, or, purple dress, orange skirt, purple dress, orange skirt.
 These cards sets are from two of my favorite books for teaching.  Have students color the pictures using a different color for each picture or you can color them and use them as playing cards. Make sure to have two clothing items in the same color to make patterns.
Other games:
Game 1: hand out a coloring card to each student . Hold up a cutout. Ask all students to identify your cutout and the students who have that clothing card to hold it up and show it to the class.
Teacher: What´s this ? Students: It´s a dress,
Teacher: Show me a dress.

Game 2: Give out the coloring cards, make sure to have two or more of each, have students walk around and find another students or student that have the same clothing item and stand together. Do the same but with the same color clothing item.
The link for the cards:

4. Symmetry: Fold symmetrically in half different clothing items, just like ones below. Ask children if they can recognize what they are, showing only one side of the item. You can do it with magazines.

Have the students notice that Symmetry can be found in everyday items, such as their clothes.

5. Fashion Catalog:  This group work will give learners the opportunity to learn to work together to reach a common goal, which is putting together their book.
 Divide your class into small groups and give them old magazine and a paper with the assigned clothing item. The children will look through the magazines that specific clothing item, cut out pictures and glue them onto their assigned paper.

 Then have the groups come up to the front of the class and show their pages and name the color and quantity.Put all the paper together and make a book.
Download it for free at Teachers pay   
It has more than 1,081 Downloads in my TPT Store.
6. Math game: I don´t know where I got the file. It´s a fun game anyway. I have the file to share. Just write an email:

7.Puzzles: I made these puzzle using old magazine pictures .This simple puzzle can  help teachers observe their children and assess their understanding of the vocabulary words. Hand out all the pieces of the puzzles to all the students. Have them walk around the class finding their partner to complete the puzzle, while you  monitor their speaking.

8.Paper dolls: try getting some paper dolls on the web and enlarge them  or make sets for each group of students. I made my own dolls, go to htp:// They have a huge selection of clothes for the dolls and you can choose the ones that adapt to your class needs.

9.Prepositions: Place a chair and an open box like mine in front of the class. Place some real clothing items in and on the chair and box. Start asking questions, as if you had lost something.
Teacher: Where are my socks?  OH! Here they are. The socks are on the chair.
Students: The socks are on the chair.
Teacher: Where is the skirt ?  OH! Here it is. The skirt is in the box.
Students: The socks are on the chair.

Grammar point: notice that when teaching this theme, introduce the plural for  socks, pants, shoes, saying They´re pants and contrast with This is  a dress.
10. Worksheets: here is one that I adapted. Children have to color the clothes, cut and paste the missing clothes to make the correct pattern.

11. I found this old file of a cap book that I made years ago. I made a little of better editing and here is the link:

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