Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine´s Day 2013

For many children that live outside of an English speaking country, Valentine's Day is the first time that they experience the Holiday. Many teachers encourage kids to make valentines. Others just prepare  a class party.  I am sure that many of you have had  your own experiences of Valentine's Day , both the good and the bad, that you can share with the class.

It is nice to have children make their own cards to give to their parents to emphasize their love and have them show family love as part of Valentine´s Day, or maybe make some cards in class for their classmates, but be sure not to hurt anyone´s feelings.

A great teacher from Caracas, Miss Rodulfo, made these cards for Valentine, they turned out so cute.

Here´s a cute favor I made for my kid´s classmates. You can download the template at www.skiptomylou.comPrint it onto cardboard and follow the instructions on their site. if you can´t find it I can send it to you. (

And for the teacher a Hand Lotion Gift. I glued the hand template onto a cream. I have the free template available by request. (

I created the hand template, here´s the link:

Another cute idea I had to try, I made these for my children to give out as Valentines. I used lollipops, and make for cute pictures, too. I made tghem out of fun foam.
Here´s the template:

Math activities help students link math to their everyday experiences. This gives them  the  opportunity  to build math vocabulary that will be useful later in life.

Just small hearts with a number on it, makes this game an easy one to pull off at any time.
Crafts:  I got the template fom this wonderful web site ( but you have to pay for membership.  If you want the pattern, please write ( It´s done with construction paper and a CD shiny side up I glued the punched hearts. You can either user the text "You make my heart smile" or leave it blank. Use it as a wall picture or bulletin board decoration.
 I based this activity off all the photo booths I've been seeing on PInterest , it´s a huge trend, I thought it might be nice to have a little fun with the class.  I made these Valentine photobooth props.  For the heart I  printed  and  glued  the  foam pieces ,then  added a stick.  I also made a Heart frame, so the students could hold the frame  for taking the picture. 
Here´s the link:

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