Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Third edition

   Paper bag puppets: the template is from  DJ INKERS , the site has so many cute graphics. She had this one for free years ago. it comes in 2 versions, black and white and colored. I don´t know if it´s still around, if not,  write to me and I´ll send it to your mail.
Spider bookI always like to incorporate a book for every theme.  Each student can make their own and take it home to continue reading practice. 

 When  possible,  I enlarge each page, making  a big book for the class to follow and I use it to introduce the activity to the class.
 First, show the title page to students, ask what they think the book will be about, ask them if they recognize the animal in the picture. Then,read the title to the students. Have them repeat.
Read each page at a time using your pointer, try to make a bigger pointer for your use in class.
Introduce the  high frequency words ; I , see, a , spider, color words. Use mime and the picture in the book.
Read the story in your big book  while they follow along in theirs, pointing to each word as you read.
Students then color their own book. Staple the pages. Hand them their eye pointers and instruct them to read aloud beginning with the cover. Tell them to point to each word as they read. Monitor their reading and praise their effort. You could do  Choral Reading, having them read at the same time as you do.

Printable emergent readers are a cost effective and a powerful avenue to teach beginning reading skills and other concepts related to the curriculum.  Read this article:

Finger puppets are a nice addition to any theme, children love to sing along with their puppet. You can download some Halloween music to play in class.
Use  the finger puppet to capture their attention and to encourage active participation. These  puppets  can help teach the Halloween vocabulary, numbers, alphabet,etc.

Window watcher: Using clear contact paper I created my own window watchers.

The craft attached itself to the window. This  can also be done for a variety of other themes, and it´s an inexpensive and easy decor.
Cups:  Glue wiggle eyes to a cup.

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