Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Name Tags

For the beginning of the school year, children can make their own name tag using lots of art materials available at the shop.

When they no longer need them, just put away in an envelope, so you can use them for any other occasion during the school year, such as field trips or substitute teacher. Laminate for extra durability. Always have plenty of extra name tags handy for new students or for those that lose them.

There are also name plates, tent card, desk tags available on the web, I´m providing links below. Add them to the table, cubby, or school box.

Use name tags to memorize student’s names, we usually have more than one class to teach. The teacher can quickly glance and know the name of the child; it not only helps the teacher know her student, but also gives the child a good feeling that the teacher knows their name. The child may not realize that the name tag is the item helping the teacher. Nothing is worse at any age than when someone you look up to forgets your name. Self-worth is very important, especially during the younger years when their personality is growing. Using name tags can help you as a teacher give your students a sense of self-worth and a great attitude.

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