Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apple Theme


I´ve put together some ideas for teaching apples.

All the materials available in Venezuela @ Distribuidora OFIMAS,CA. Email:

1. Bulletin Board:
This apple is done with fun foam, I used it to take pictures of the children and make a bulletin board with all of them.

2. Bean bag made of felt. Play throw the beanbag to different color apples on the floor.

3. Lacing Cards: make lacing cards as a fun fine motor skill.

4. Math:

a. This could be a follow-up game for Book "Ten Apples Up on Top" ( Use apple or fruit mini erasers.

Another counting game but with clothespins. I have these bright colored clothespins.

b. Apple picking ( Use a foam dice and red pompoms. Have the student throw a dice and place as many pompoms as indicated. Continue until all the circles are finished.

c. File Folder Game: ( Use a dice and this little container. The student has to draw the apple tree as indicated. I put the template on a file folder so it can used many times.

5.  Make an apple face puppet to introduce the theme to the class. Students can make their own apple puppet.

6. Apple tree. This is an easy idea for making an apple tree, but depending on the theme you can decorate it for fall, spring or any other.

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