Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dolch Words for EFL Learners

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Sight words are the most common words used in the English language. An EFL kindergarten student could be taught these important words, because they are the core foundation for reading in the future.
Create your sight word list according to your English teaching method.

Top Ten Sight Words Activities
Here are 10 of the most successful sight word activities.
1. Play memory with a double set of cards.
2. Print and use the sight word books. Have the students highlight sight words throughout the book. Then copy the book with no pictures and have the students illustrate the pages after reading them.
4. Play sight word bingo. Groups of children can play by taking turns drawing a card and reading it and then covering up the square on their own game card that has the matching word.
5. Play telephone. Have a child draw a card and then whisper the word to the next child. Pass the words down a chain of kids and have the last student repeat the word he or she heard. Have the first child hold up the original flash card and then have the whole group read it after they finish giggling over the way the word changed.
6. Hide sight word cards in eggs or balloons and have the kids hunt for them and then read them.
7. Cut up the sight word cards to make puzzles. Then have the students put the letters back together to form words on their lists and then read them out loud.
8. Keep a set of flash cards with some magnetic letters and have the students build words with the magnets and then use them in a sentence.
Nice turtles used as games, comes with teaching instructions.
Lots of interactive activities to practice dolch words.

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